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A video DB of « How to do those saw jumps »

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On the saw jump DB : All available paths (drawings) linked to videos

In the menu: All saw jumps are classified by type

*type are based on the number of blocs of the floor where the jump start

In a jump type section: Under each path drawing there is a list of all bases where the saw jump can be done


Typically, a Saw Jump is meant to be a jump involving jumping towards a Saw that is at the edge of a block or platform, then jumping on the very edge in order to pass the Saw.

Almost all of these jumps are Path Dependent. That means that, unlike most other jumps such as corner jumps and max height jumps, the way you approach the jump makes a difference in whether the jump is actually possible.

As a result, some random approach to a Saw Jump will almost certainly fail, regardless of the frame you attempted to perform the Last Jump. You will need to make a series of correctly placed jumps before you can successfully perform the Last Jump over the Saw.

This series of jumps is called a Saw Jump Path.

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